Stella Maris

The boat

The Stella Maris is a historical but fully modernised pulled barge. The pratical interior is cozy and warm. Do you want to celebrate a birthday or spoil your foreign guests with a boat tour trough the canals of Amsterdam? The Stella Maris is the perfect choice for that. On board there is enough room for thirty guests. Sailing aboard of the Stella maris is a special experience. The boat is equipped with dimmable lights. You can operate the music installation with your own mobile telephone. If u wish to do so you can choose your own route or ask a private skipper to navigate you along the highlights of the city. The Stella Maris is ideal ship for every season. With good weather we can roll up the sides of the salon. The roof is easily folded up within a few minutes. Is the weather turning bad? I that case we can turn on the heater. So you can enjoy all seasons..


Price € 180 per hour excl. 6% BTW
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The perfect night out
The Stella Maris has folding tables what makes it perfect for a night out. With the tables unfolded, you can enjoy a lovely sit-down diner for 25 persons. After the diner the tables can be folded back up and the Stella Maris is transformed to the ideal ship for a drink till the late hours. Do you wish to bring your own food or drinks on board? That’s possible without extra cost’s.


  • Sails electric
  • Transfer & drinks up to 32 persons
  • Sit down diner up to 25 persons
  • Taxi rides from A to B
  • Can open all around
  • Music installation operated by Bluetooth
  • Heating on board
  • Your own food & drinks allowed on board


  • Boat tours
  • Happy Hours
  • Bachelorparty’s
  • Pizzacruise
  • Lunch/Sandwiches/Rolls
  • Bar service or bring your own drinks

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