Aagje Deken

The boat

Sailing aboard the Aagje Deken is a special experience. This salonboat is 100% electric what also makes it very quiet. With good weather the hood can me rolled up. With bad weather we can turn on the heating. The Aagje Deken is a great boat equipped with dimmable lights. You can operate the music installation with your own mobile telephone. With the tables unfolded, you can enjoy a lovely sit-down diner for 25 persons. After the diner the tables can be folded back up and the Aagje Deken is transformed to the ideal ship for a drink till the late hours. Do you wish to bring your own food or drinks on board? That’s possible without extra cost’s.


Price € 180 per hour excl. 6% VAT


  • Sails electric
  • Transfer & drinks up to 25 persons
  • Sit down diner up to 25 persons
  • Taxi rides from A to B
  • Can open all around
  • Music installation operated by Bluetooth
  • Heating on board
  • Your own food & drinks allowed on board


  • Boat tours
  • Happy Hours
  • Bachelorparty’s
  • Pizzacruise
  • Lunch/Sandwiches/Rolls
  • Bar service or bring your own drinks



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